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 Making a Strategy Guide and Template

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Making a Strategy Guide and Template Empty
PostSubject: Making a Strategy Guide and Template   Making a Strategy Guide and Template Icon_minitimeTue Oct 30, 2012 3:38 pm

Hi there and thank you for making a strategy for the FTG. To make the strategies look as good as possible you should try sticking to the template and give the sets some explanation.
The pokemon of each strategy go in the tiers accordance to PO ( http://wiki.pokemon-online.eu/wiki/5th_Gen_Tier_List )

You can copy and paste the template into the strategy your making and then fill in the information to make it easier.

Strategy Template

(Pokemon Name)

[img]link to pokemon sprite goes here[/img]

(Abilities go here)

Stats: (Stats go in the corresponding fields below, you can find a pokemon's stats on bulbapedia)


Total: (This is the base stat total, you can find this on the bulbapedia page of the pokemon you are writing a strategy for)

Placed Tier: (You can find this on our tier list, if a pokemon you want to write a strategy for isn't on the list, simply tell me and I'll add it to the list and tell you what tier it is)

Type: (List what type of pokemon this is, whether it be Dark, Psychic or whatever type it happens to be)

Optional: (You can type your opinion of this pokemon here)

Set #1: (Name of Set)


- Move 1
- Move 2
- Move 3
- Move 4

Set Explanation: (In here you can explain how your set works. Make sure you tell what it's good for)

(Additional sets go below the first set)

Optional Things:

You can list what counters your pokemon here. Or you could list which pokemon your pokemon works best with in competitive gameplay.

If you have any questions dont be afraid to ask~
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Making a Strategy Guide and Template
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