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 Politoed-Rain Maker

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PostSubject: Politoed-Rain Maker   Politoed-Rain Maker Icon_minitimeMon Jan 07, 2013 7:55 pm


Politoed-Rain Maker Politoed

Water Absorb


HP: 90
Atk: 75
Def: 75
SpA: 90
SpD: 100
Spe: 70

Total: 500

Placed Tier: OU


Politoed was mored or less a average pokemon in the DPP saga,as it had very little offensive power in a tier dominated by sandstorm and was more of a special tank than anything else. In BW however it got a lot of new toys to play with,the main on being the ability to summon the most common weather in OU,rain. It also got some new moves to help it defensively like Scald while its offensive powers were increased along with the rain making moves like Hydro Pump a terror to those that oppose it. Politoed well always be a force to be reckoned with in a meta game dominated by weather.

Set #1: Defensive

Item: Leftovers
Ability: Drizzle
EVs: 252 HP / 248 DEF / 8 SDEF
Nature: Bold

- Scald
- Protect / Ice Beam
- Perish Song / Encore / Haze
- Toxic / Hypnosis

Set Explanation: Keeping Politoed alive in weather wars is usually a must,and this is the best set to do so with. Scald is the main STAB here threatening to burn even Politoed usual counters and increase its resistnce to physical attacks. Protect is a good move for scouting but if you see a issue with Grass types or Dragons Ice Beam is allways a reliable option. Persish Song eliminates stat boosters like Dragonite from setting up but Encore can lock threats like Chnansey into a move like Wish causing them to become setup bait for your team. Haze is another option that can allow you to stay in without the forced switching Perish Song brings. Toxic hits things that may try to stall Politoed out or incoming resistant pokes like Latias while Hypnosis can put threats like Ferrothron asleep even though watch out for the accuracy. The EVs allow Politoed to tank th main weather hard hitters,mainly Tyranitar and friends and counter with a Scald with a chance to burn.

Set #2: Raining Specs and Scalds

Item: Choice Specs
Ability: Drizzle
EVs: 120 HP / 252 SATK / 136 SPE
Modest: Modest

- Hydro Pump
- Surf / Scald
- Ice Beam
- Hidden Power Grass / Focus Blast

Set Explanation: A very dangerous Politoed set,not because of its some what below average special attack,but because it gets a major boost from the rain,STAB,and Specs,almost guarenteeing something is going to be taken down. Hydro Pump is easily the most dominant STAB move here,basically OHKOing or 2HKOing anything that doesn't resist,the only thing limiting it is its horid accuracy. Surf and Scald act as a secondary STAB helping take down lower health pokes that my resist. Ice Beam adds to the coverage threatening Grass types from switching in and causing Dragons to hide. Hidden Power Grass offers a way to hit opposing bulky Water types while Focus Blast decimates things like Ferrothorn from trying to switch in. With the given EV spread it can outspeed nuetral Rotom-W,Scizor,and Band Tyranitar with ease and may try to KO them with a respective move. The rest of the EVs go into bulk.

Set #3: Soaked Scarf

Item: Choice Scarf
Ability: Drizzle
EVs: 252 SATK / 4 SDEF / 252 SPE
Nature: Timid

- Hydro Pump
- Ice Beam
- Hidden Power Grass/ Focus Blast / Surf
- Perish Song / Encore

Set Explanation: What it lacks in wall breaking power it gain in the ability to revenge kill. Anything with 130 base speed or less is horribly out sped,meaning the likes of Jolteon,Alakazam,and Tornadus-T can all be KOed by a powerful Hydro Pump with ease. Ice Beam adds to the coverage and with a Scarf Politoed can out speed a +1 Dragonite and KO with Ice Beam or Breloo trying to setup a Spore. Hidden Power Grass threatens Gastrodon and Rotom-W while Focus Blast shows no mercy to Ferrothorn while Surf is a more accurate form of STAB. Finally Persih Song can threaten things from getting setup happy while Encore can lock walls into a single move sometimes forcing them to switch out. The EVs guarentee a Politoed can outspeed anything with 130 base speed or less.


While Politoed lead to the rise of the most common weather in OU it has some notable weaknesses,mainly being walls like Gastrodon who can come in on Politoed lacking HP Grass. Genesect can attack with either U-turn or Thunderbolt while special defensive Tyranitar can tank a hit somewhat or come in on a locked in Ice Beam and counter with Pursuit. Ferrothorn walls Politoed without Focus Blast and Rotom-W can switch in on a standard water move and hit Politoed with a almighty Volt Switch. The best current partner for Politoed is Ferrothorn,who resist most of Politoeds threats. Thundurus-T also has the power to abuse rain and counter its threats along with things like Tornadus-T. Gliscor can handle Tyranitar quite well and can take on Jirachi who may wall Politoed at certain points. In the end the perfect partner depends on the style of the team whether it be offensive rain or rain stall,but in the end the use of Politoed on a team are great and vast.

~Politoed-Rain Maker Espeon_Banner_by_Psykan ~
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PostSubject: Re: Politoed-Rain Maker   Politoed-Rain Maker Icon_minitimeTue Jan 08, 2013 2:13 am

I like the specs set because it hits tyranitar and ninetales so hard on the switch and destroy everything that doesn't resist water.
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Politoed-Rain Maker
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