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 ~Leo~ Story

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PostSubject: ~Leo~ Story   ~Leo~ Story Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2013 10:15 pm

Leo chapter 1 - Truth

My mother died when i was 13. Watched her die in my own arms. Soilders from another country came and attacked my father, he got injured and me and my mother were left there with no protection. They took her out right there. But that was 3 years ago. Im done crying. I live alone, while my father is at war. Its not all bad for me though, my best freinds Tora and Drako are always there for me. i knew Tora since i was 9, and met Drako at 14. Drako and me are the same age while Tora is 17.

End of Intro.

"Leo!!!" Tora came running at me. She was like a rhino. Drako called at me "Come here Leo hurry", he whisperd. We hid behind a house. "I think she found the letter" Drako said. We both started to laugh. It was a letter me and Drako wrote wrote for Tora to this kid she liked. His name was Dan. I dont see what she likes about him, just becouse he is smart, strong, good looking, i mean what does he have that i dont have? Whatever, we wrote the letter to mess around with her,

Dear Dan, lol i love the way your name makes me feel so secure. I always loved you, and i hope one day we can get married ans have 10 children!, So that all i have to say

Your truely, Tora

I felt a hard hit punch in the face, and i landed right in the middle of the road. Drako landed right next to me. " What is wrong with you two?, Drako thinks i am wierd now. Why would you guys do that to me?" She started to cry. She always had a tough spot ans a soft spot. I got up and hugged her. "we were just playing Tora, stop crying ill tell him the truth." "You better!!!!!!!" Even screeming like a maniac she looked so beutiful with here red hair flowing like an endless river of lava. Me and Drako went to Dan and told him we were just pulling a prank on Tora. After that was said, me Tora and Drako bought some drinks and went to the rooftop of my house. We were discussing life. " Ok, do you guy-" i was interuped. 3 horses stopped in front of my house. One of the horsmen looked at me. " Leo, we have word from one of the generals, your father has fallen in battle", when he said that, my heart fell from my chest. I got up, jumped from the roof and just ran. I was running towards the woods were there are no people. I just wanted to get away from the world. I looked back and saw Tora and Drako right after me. I tripped over and fell. Tora's warm hands touched my face. Drako touched my back. We all just layed down on the ground untill nigh fall. Not a word was said. They knew i didnt want to talk. The night sky was so wide, i looked left and i still saw the night, then i realized i was asleep. My father was right in front of me, "Leo, come after me, im still alive" I ran to him but he kept backing up. i dreampt that all night. When i woke up, i was in Toras house laying in her bed. I walked to her living room and Drako and Tora were sitting there eating an eggroll. They passed me one. " I am so sorry this happend to you, but be sure that we will always be here for you. You can stay in my house till you feel better". I looked at Torra, " im not staying here. Im leaving" I walked out. " where are you going?" said Drako "Im going after my father"!!
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~Leo~ Story
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