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 triva pokemon

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PostSubject: triva pokemon   Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:53 am

if one pokemon had every type it be weak to rock

ash is voiced by a girl

ash has never had a dragon type pokemon as well as a ghost ( hantuer does not count as it was never caughty of a " PI " pokemon

may is the only one of ashes traveling partners to have a brother

noone knows who came fist areuse or mew ( i spelled one wrong )

dawns panties are shown during the anime but somehow te episode remained Y-7 in america

no main char has ever caught a legderay pkemon

there are normal animas in the anime but there never shown save for a few screenshots an random show points like when ash looked into the ky one time or when he was ashed in the river in the first episode

pokemon porn is in a sense camo apperane since al pkemon can breed

legdenray pokemon can breed in the anime but not in any game although some events have given eggs of aone

iin the orignal anime in japan misty and as love each other this was edited out in the ameircan pokemon

sorry about typos my keybord is bugging right now

Dawn Dawn
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triva pokemon
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