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 Infernape,The Blazing Monkey

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PostSubject: Infernape,The Blazing Monkey   Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:12 pm


Iron Fist


HP: 76
Atk: 104
Def: 71
SpA: 104
SpD: 71
Spe: 108

Total: 534

Placed Tier: OU


Infernape appeared in DPP and has always been a constant threat,now with all the new toys of Black and /white its hard for it to truly shine,yet because of how rare it is,its large movepool and coverage,combined with its excellent typing for the meta game makes it very unpredictable.

Set #1: Lead

Item: Life Orb / Focus Sash
Ability: Blaze
EVs: 104 ATK / 152 SATK / 252 SPD
Nature: Naive / Hasty

- Stealth Rocks
- Close Combat
- Fire Blast / Flamethrower
- Fake Out / U-turn / Taunt

Set Explanation: One of the fastest pokemon to set down Stealth Rocks in the game who with its coverage counters nearly all of the anti Stealth Rockers like Forretress and Tyranitar. Close Combat is for Tyranitar and Heatran while Fire Blast decimates Ferrothorn anf Forretress. Fake Out can be used to break sashes and scout for things like if a Politoed is defensive(with leftovers) or possible Scarfed(without Leftovers). U-turn is to get out of tough situations to regain momentum while Taunt is mainly for stopping things like Dragonite from setting up. The EVs allow Infernape to have immense coverage from all side with enough attack EVs to OHKO a Terrakion and Heatran with Close Combat.

Set #2: Choice Band

Item: Choice Scarf
Ability: Blaze
EVs: 4 HP / 252 ATK / 252 SPD
Nature: Jolly

- Close Combat
- Flare Blitz / Fire Punch / Blaze Kick
- Stone Edge / Mach Punch
- U-turn

Set Explanation: A Infernape set made for pure wall breaking purposes. Close Combats can power is so high it can 2HKO most of the metagame. If you want power and can take recoil Flare Blitz is a must however Fire Punch works well to with lower power. For a power in between use Blaze Kick even though the accuracy is a little shaky. Stone Edge demolishes the rest of the meta game that resist /close Combat like Dragonite and Salamence. U-turn adds a much needed momentum for a team and gets Infernape out of sticky situations. Mach Punch is for revenge killing. The EVs are pretty straight forward.

Set #3: Mixed Choice Scarf

Item: Choice Scarf
Ability: Blaze
EVs: 108 ATK /148 SATK / 252 SPD
IVs: 30 ATK / 30 DEF
Nature: Naive / Hasty

- Close Combat
- Fire Blast / Flamethrower
- Hidden Power Ice / Stone Edge
- U-turn
Set Explanation: One of the fastest revenge killers in the entire metagame,it outspeeds Genesect, Landorus,and speed ties with the imfamous Terrakion. Close Combat like always is the main STAB while Fire Blast and Flamethrower decimate Genesect and more. Hidden Power Ice is obtained with the current IVs so you don t lose speed ties with Terrakion. Hidden Power Ice takes down Gliscor,Landorus,Dragonite after Stealth Rocks and Salamence. U-turn is for some quick hit and run. The Evs are similar to the lead set yet altered so you always get a OHKO with Close Combat on Heatran and Terrakion.

Set #4: Nasty Plot

Item: Life Orb / Expert Belt
Ability: Blaze
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SATK / 252 SPD
Nature: Timid

- Nasty Plot
- Fire Blast / Flamethrower
- Focus Blast / Vacuum Wave
- Grass Knot / Hidden Power Ice

Set Explanation: One of the rarest special sweepers around,Nasty Plot Infernape can be the unpredictable set that can change the course of a game. After a Nasty Plot Infernapes special attack boost to 614,which a Flamethrower or Fire Blast melting everything in sight. Focus Blast has its shaky accuracy but still puts huge dents in the opposing team. Vacuum Wave is a great special pecial priority. Grass Knot can KO Politoed after Stealth Rocks and a layer of Spikes while Hidden Power Ice can OHKO Gliscor Landorus and Drangonite after Stealth Rocks. The EVs are pretty much straight forward,maximum potential for speed and attack.

Set #5:Sub Punch

Item: Leftovers
Ability: Blaze
EVs: 4 HP / 252 ATK / 252 SPD
Nature: Jolly

- Substitute
- Encore
- Focus Punch
- Fire Punch / Blaze Kick

Set Explanation: The idea behind this set is to come into something you can scare out,or something thats going to be locked into a useless move with Encore. Then setup a sub and start Focus Punching. Defensive Politoed? 2HKOed if its above 70% health. Fire Punch and Blaze Kick add to the coverage,but a good partner ot take Dragons and Ground types is recommended. The EVs are like the Choice Band set.

Infernape is always a reliable pokemon for a team,however with the ever common rain teams you must use Infernape wisely. It is however a good check to most Sandstorm teams,teams with Genesect and so on. Infernape however has pitiful defenses and things like Lati@s,Jellicent,and Gliscor appearing with ones lacking HP Ice can wall it all day. Good patners for Infernape include Ferrothorn,who can wall Politoed and Rotom-W,Jellicent,who can counter all Psychic types,and Lati@s. All work well with Infernape,so enjoy using the blazing monkey.

(Additional sets go below the first set)

Optional Things:

You can list what counters your pokemon here. Or you could list which pokemon your pokemon works best with in competitive gameplay.

~ ~

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PostSubject: Re: Infernape,The Blazing Monkey   Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:35 pm

Cool,always found Infernape as one of the better fire types
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PostSubject: Re: Infernape,The Blazing Monkey   Thu Dec 13, 2012 6:07 am

RK9, are you a fire user? Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Infernape,The Blazing Monkey   Thu Dec 13, 2012 8:24 am

fire types are awesome
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PostSubject: Re: Infernape,The Blazing Monkey   

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Infernape,The Blazing Monkey
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