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 Making a Standard Team

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PostSubject: Making a Standard Team   Making a Standard Team Icon_minitimeSat Nov 10, 2012 7:11 am

Making A Standard Team

This is a tutorial I made to help people make standard teams in almost any tier(mainly OU,UU,LU,and NU). Most Standard teams have a good options and are generally balanced when it comes to offensive and defensive options.

Standard Layout:

Physical Wall
Special Wall
Physical Sweeper
Special Sweeper

Balance / Synergy:

This is where you that nearly all your pokes on your team have a good synergy with each other. For example,a combination of Genesect and Forretress on the same team is a little Fire weak.But a team with Heatran and Rotom-W have good synergy with each other and great a uniform balance,easily switching into attacks for each other. Also having a good special / physical balance on a team is good too. If you had a team of 5 special attackers,almost any Blissey can easily wall your team to death.


-Leads:Leads are either here to setup things like stealth Rocks,Weather,or stop other leads all together. Most leads have a decent amount of bulk and usually get the game started off to a nice start. The leads are suicide leads,which are meant to setup as many entry hazards as possible before dying.weather leads like Tyranitar and Politoed,who setup the weather for their teams favor.Standard leads are just made to setup hazards and have decent bulk like Foretress. Anti leads are made to check or counter other leads. Genesect is a poke who can U-turn Tyranitar,Thunderbolt Politoed and Flamethrower Forretress,and is considered a anti lead due to this.

-Tanks:Tanks are meant to take atacks from both sides but while dishing out attacks at the same time. They are generally all around pokes. Ferrothorn,Jellicent,and Miltoic can all be considered tanks. They generally have good stats and can be used with great style,

-Physical Walls:Here to take on opposing physical sweepers and anything that has a physical touch to it. Ferrothorn,Donphan,Hippowdon,and Mew are some notable examples of physical walls.Most physical walls also have a way of crippling physical sweepers like Mew's Will-o-Wisp or Ferrothorns- Thunder Wave.

-Special Walls:Meant to take special sweepers any way possible special walls are here to help.Milotic,Chansey / Blissey,Jellicent,Latias, and Tyranitar in sandstorm are some good special walls. Some special walls can be even mixed like Celebi and Chansey,who can act as Clerics with Heal Bell or Wish.

-Physical Sweepers:They dont play,the either setup or use a item like the Choice Scarf or Choice Band to walk over the opponents team. DDance Dragonite,Moxie Salamence,Haxorus,Bulk Up Conkeldurr,and Sword Dance Terrakion are just some of these mercilesss pokemon. Used easier when their physical walls are down.

-Special Sweepers:They wreck everything,and wreck even more once their counters are down for the count.After setting up or using items like Choice Specs they go in for the kill. QuiverDance Volcarona,Life Orb Alakazam,SubCM Lati@s are just a few of these powerful beings.They sweep even better with their Special Walls out of the way.

Other things that you can do for your team is like adding Wallbreakers(meant to use extremely high stats to wreck walls) or Clerics(here to heal your team of status).Also if you fel you should replace a tank with a extra physical sweeper go ahead.

Remembers these tips when creating a Standard Team~

~Making a Standard Team Espeon_Banner_by_Psykan ~
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Making a Standard Team
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