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 Salamence-The Destruction Dragon (OU Strategies)

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Salamence-The Destruction Dragon (OU Strategies) Empty
PostSubject: Salamence-The Destruction Dragon (OU Strategies)   Salamence-The Destruction Dragon (OU Strategies) Icon_minitimeTue Oct 30, 2012 9:28 pm


Salamence-The Destruction Dragon (OU Strategies) 373





Placed Tier: OU


Salamence is usually behind its fellow dragons in OU like Dragonite and Hydreigon,but this doesn't mean its not useful. Salamence sports a powerful 135 base attack and also a great 100 base speed making it one of the best sweepers out there. Salamence also has a grea move pool so using it isn't that difficult. However Salamence has some weaknesses to moves like Ice shard and Stone Edge,but this shouldn't stop the dragon of destruction with the help of some good teammates.

Set #1: The Scarf of Moxie

Item: Choice Scarf
Ability: Moxie
EVs: 252 ATK / 4 SATK / 252 SPE
Nature: Naughty / Naive

- Outrage
- Dragon Claw / Brick Break
- Fire Blast
- Earthquake

Set Explanation: This set aims to become one of the best late game sweepers out there by using its massive combined with high speed and power to dominate opponents teams. Outrage is at the crux of this set,and can easily stack Moxie boost to raise its already powerful attack. Dragon Claw can be used as an effective STAB to gain Moxie boost and also to avoid confusion. Brick Break hits Steel types who resist. Fire Blast hits Skarmory,Ferrothorn,and Forretress while Earthquake hits Rock types like Terrakion and Tyranitar to complete the coverage. Always a great late game sweeper with hazard support.

Set #2: Mixed Mence the Offense

Item: Life Orb
Ability: Intimidate / Moxie
EVs: 100 ATK / 176 SATK / 252 SPE OR 64 ATK / 192 SATK / 252 SPE
Nature: Naive / Naughty

- Draco Meteor
- Fire Blast / Flamethrower
- Earthquake / Brick Break
- Roost

Set Explanation:This set aims to be a mixed wall breaker who can easily dominate teams when the time is right,this is probably one of the fiercest Salamence sets to date. Drao Meteor destroys most of Salamences counters and catches some off guard like defensive Politoed. Fire Blast stop Steel types mentioned before but can be replaced for Flamethrower for more accuracy but less power. Earthquake and Brick Break hit Tyranitar and others hard and are boosted by Moxie. Roost heals off Life Orb recoil and other damages.

Other sets are the common Dragon Dance,but other set may work as well like Specs or what not. Salamence has a major weakness to Mamoswines Ice Shard and sets that dont carry Fire Blast usually cant hope to beat defensive Steels like Skarmory. A good partner is Magnezone,who can trap other Steels and KO with HP Fire or a sTAB Thunder Bolt. Fighting partners work just as well.
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Salamence-The Destruction Dragon (OU Strategies) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Salamence-The Destruction Dragon (OU Strategies)   Salamence-The Destruction Dragon (OU Strategies) Icon_minitimeTue Oct 30, 2012 10:17 pm

Salamence-The Destruction Dragon (OU Strategies) 373

Is a beast : D
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Salamence-The Destruction Dragon (OU Strategies)
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