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 Would anyone be interested in joining this?? or helping me run this??

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PostSubject: Would anyone be interested in joining this?? or helping me run this??   Tue Feb 19, 2013 6:48 am

Hi guys,

I had this idea which i think could be quite fun, and i was wondering how many people would be interested in taking part.

Basically, i thought we could have a weekly League (As in a football or American football league. Can you tell that i am British? XD) The idea is that every week, at a certain time, people within the league would battle each other and would earn points. (And maybe having a different tier every week??) At the end of the season someone would be awarded a trophy. (I'm thinking a month long season??) It would work out like this;

Win = 3 Points
Draw = 2 Points
Loss = 1 point
(After taking out 3 or more of their Pokemon)
Loss = 0 points
(After loosing when your opponent has 4,5 or 6 Pokemon left)

However, to stop the same person winning repeatedly, i had an idea which could be quite fun. Instead of using your team, every week, each member would build a different team, and then these would be assigned randomly among everyone else. This would require a set of rules, to stop people being complete idiots and screwing people over with a bad team however. This is similar to challenge cup in that you don't know your team until before hand, but hopefully, you'll end up with some decent teams.

This would work by people PMing me the team that they made, along with a number, (Which depends on how many contestants there are). Also a back up number, in case that number is taken. You might assign yourself your own team, so make it a good one. You will then be messaged your team before the battle. I trust people not to edit them in the 10 seconds beforehand. For the purpose of fairness, i would not take part.

What do people think??

What rules what you suggest?
And would you take part once we ironed everything out??
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Yellow Flash

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PostSubject: Re: Would anyone be interested in joining this?? or helping me run this??   Tue Feb 19, 2013 7:02 am

The problem with this is what if people dont want to attend, and also after they join dont attend it. And a month is too long. But you did give me an idea for a tourney.
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Would anyone be interested in joining this?? or helping me run this??
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