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 chaos named

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PostSubject: chaos named   Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:55 pm

this pokemon is at the end but i want to try and have you know what'll look like

here a look like page

about 20 feet tall

has a long tail , thin
( uses this tail for attacks like wrap and crush grip )

2 powerfully feet with dino like appaerance one has sharp claws the other is more like wood and no tail

neck blends into the body so no neck and the head looks like that of a wailmers body almost
- the fins and only has 4 large teeth 2 in the middle that are flat and 2 on the otherwises of those teeth which are pointed

has arms like armoldo but bigger and the ends are sharper looking
( uses these as it's main form of battle and also uses alot of attack useing its mouth

has 2 POWERFULLY wings shaped like those of a butterfly

body slim like a draonite

a pokemon spoken in pokemon village legends it's said to of one time done a great wrong and was trasformed from a normal ditto to a creature of destrution. it is very strong and can use all moves and some that are currently unknown. once enraged this pokemon will not stop untill the whole area around it is ruin. it uses powerfully poison attacks to destory foes. has powers like a kecleon but better as no part of it is seeable after useing its comaflage attack. it uses it's tail to wrap up food for later much like a spider only it carrys the food with it as the tail cannot be removed.

poison / dragon

myths say it's the acid spiting pokemon

and triva if this pokemon was real just for fun

* this would be the only ledgenday poison pokemon

* would be the 2nd pokemon able to learn all moves

* would host the highest attack and SPattack STATS at 200 for each but would have poor DEF and SPDEF at around 80 each

* if this was real it would be the only pokemon with a SIGNTURE poison type move

* this pokemon would have poison love ( all moves have a 10% chance to poison but poison moves do not get this boost )

* this would be the second pokemon to " die "

* you could also view this pokemon as a ditto who could of tried to use trasfrom and lost contorl too
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chaos named
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