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 Pokemon Combos (Part 1)

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PostSubject: Pokemon Combos (Part 1)   Pokemon Combos (Part 1) Icon_minitimeTue Nov 13, 2012 5:16 am

Pokemon Combos

I got this idea to make this so people can use these different combinations of pokemon on the same team to see if the like them or not. These pokemon combos share type synergy with each other and can take on different threats quite effectively. For now I'm just naming different pokemon combos and explaining why they work well together and what teams they fit best on. I'll add onto tihs so check in this until all of Part 1 is completed(10 Different Combos)

Ferrothorn + Jellicent
Pokemon Combos (Part 1) 598 + Pokemon Combos (Part 1) 593
This dynamic duo can take on nearly all threats with their great coverage,mostly if one is defensive while the other is special defensive. Ferrothorn has a reliable partner to switch into for Fire and Fighting attacks while Jellicent has no need to worry about Dark,Ghost,Electric,or Grass attacks. Also,if Ferrothorn setups entry hazards like Stealth Rocks and a pokemon tries to spin them away Jellicent can come in and prevent the spin,meaning Starmie and Forretress are going to have a hard time.
This combination has few weaknesses, the only few notable threats are Tyranitar with Crunch and Superpower or Scizor with Pursuit or Superpower. This combination works better on Stall based teams or Standard Teams looking for a good defensive core.

Scizor / Genesect + Rotom-W
Pokemon Combos (Part 1) 212 / Pokemon Combos (Part 1) 649 + Pokemon Combos (Part 1) 479-wash
The partners in crime when it comes to forcing switches and being unpredictable in every way. Mainl due to the fact that VoltTurn cores are one of the most widely used cores alone. Genesect and Scizor only have one weakness to Fire,which Rotom-W takes care of easily,while Rotom-W's weakness to Grass is easily taken care of due to the Bug / Steel 4X resistance. What makes this combo even more effective is the fact that Scizor / Genesect can U-turn away as a Fire type comes in and switch to Rotom-W for support,forcing your opponent to switch more,and when entry hazards are up this can be bothersome.
Not much can counter this combination. Only powerful Wallbreakers can and even then they sometimes fail due to the high amounts of synergy. Best seen on Standard or Offensive based teams.

Gliscor + Jirachi
Pokemon Combos (Part 1) 472 + Pokemon Combos (Part 1) 385
This almost forgotten combination that was seen a lot in Gen 4 comes back to show who's best. With Gliscor now having something to switch into just in case of a sudden Ice attack or Jirachi trying to escape Ground type attacks. This set even works better with a defensive Gliscor and special defensive Jirachi. And while not the most infamous of sets in Gen 5 due to the power boost it can always find a way to truly shine.
Counters to this combination are Mamoswine,who can either Earthquake Jirachi and Ice Shard Gliscor and Landorus,who can Earthquake Jirachi and Hidden Power Ice Gliscor. Best seen on Standard or Stall Rain and Sandstorm teams.

Tyranitar + Gengar
Pokemon Combos (Part 1) 248 + Pokemon Combos (Part 1) 094
While not the most famous of combination the synergy between these two is quite well. Tyranitar fearing a Fighting or Ground attack? The simple solution is to switch to Gengar who easily covers both of these moves,Gengar fearing a Ghost or Psychic attack? Switch to Tyranitar who can now Pursuit them. Also if Tyranitar wants to setup Stealth Rocks Gengat can always switch in and block all Rapid Spins. This pokemon duo also gets boosted with the fact that Tyranitar can be a physical attacker while Gengar can be a special attacker.
Countering this can be tricky,but powerful water type moves can rid of both easily like a Politoed Hydro Pump. Scrafty can easily counter both with its unique typing while Alakazam can OHKO Tyranitar with Focus Blast and OHKO Gengar with Psychic. Best seen on standard and offensive sand teams.

Terrakion + Celebi
Pokemon Combos (Part 1) 639 + Pokemon Combos (Part 1) 251
This rarely seen combination is usually seen has a forgotten or underrated threat,however they cover each other perfectly and have and share a great balance. With Terrakion's weakness of Water,Grass,Psychic and Ground type attacks covered by Celebi,and Celebi's weakness of Bug,Dark and Fire covered by Terrakion,these two pose a serious threat to any team. Mostly if Terrakion goes physical and celebi goes special.
Countering i ore tricky than normal,but things like Scizor, U-turn Landorus,and certain Genesect can counter with powerful offensive pressure. Best seen on teams of any weather that are either standard or full out offensive.

~Pokemon Combos (Part 1) Espeon_Banner_by_Psykan ~

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Combos (Part 1)   Pokemon Combos (Part 1) Icon_minitimeWed Nov 14, 2012 3:56 pm

use these 6 together to annoy everyone?
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Pokemon Combos (Part 1)
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